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stack of poker chips on a poker table

Poker Punx Hand Analysis

I’m sorry, we’re you trying to tell me something?

When I decided to start my poker vlog, I thought the east coast poker scene was underrepresented. The other reason was that I felt the process of creating the vlog would help me focus on my game more and make me get better, After running into some issues filming for the vlog I decided to pivot the channel while I work on being able to film again and take a deeper look into some of my play and give it an honest critique of how I played them.

This hand is from the same session as our last post. We start this hand with about $1000 and we are the effective stack.

We limp UTG with Q♦︎J♠︎, UTG 1 raises to $30 and we are the only caller. With $67 in the pot we see a flop of Q♥︎J♣︎10♦︎. We flip top 2 pair on a very coordinated board and decide to check.

The villain down bets to $10 and we instantly make the call. 

The turn is the 8♥︎ bringing in the back door hearts draw. The only way this card hurts is if the villain has a hand with a 9 in it or specifically 88.  

The villain now bets $35 after we checked again, We still are not convinced that the villain has too strong a hand.

This line doesn’t look very strong and we are still convinced he has a middle-strength hand and is trying to buy the pot cheaply so we opt to call again.

The river is one of the worst cards we could see in the 9♥︎. Now we are losing to all Ks, 7’s, flushes, sets, and all the possible higher 2 pairs. We are losing to almost anything that can bet here. 

We check a third time only to see the villain bet $105. In spite of all the facts I just outlined in the moment my brain did not listen and I called only to be shown the bad news when the villain turned over A♦︎K♥︎.  

He was ahead the whole way but our stubbornness cost us an extra 2 streets of value which we should have been able to get away from. 

These are the kind of leaks that can turn a small up session into a losing session pretty quickly. We need to fix this and fast!