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Poker Vlog Set up with chips

When I decided to start my poker vlog, I thought the east coast poker scene was underrepresented. The other reason was that I felt the process of creating the vlog would help me focus on my game more and make me get better.

After running into some issues filming for the vlog, I decided to pivot the channel while I work on being able to film again and take a deeper look into some of my plays and give them an honest critique.

Poker Vlog Set up with chips

What Was This Guy Thinking?

How often have you been in a hand with someone and just wondered “how in the world did we get to this point”. Have you ever been in a hand with a player and wondered if they were even looking at the board or their hand?

High Pair Out of Position

For this hand, we find ourselves in middle position looking down at Q♠︎Q♥︎ and open to $20. We get calls from the cutoff, the button, and the big blind and have a pot of $80 going to the flop.

Unfortunately, the flop does not cooperate and comes off A♣7♦︎9♣

While this isn’t a great flop for my exact hand it is good for my range, with this in mind I test the waters and when the big blind checks I continue for $40, 

The cutoff quickly folds, the button thinks for a minute and then calls, and the big blind also folds.

While I am not thrilled about the call from the button, something about his call made me think he was not very strong and maybe I could extract value from a weaker hand.

Heads Up To The Turn

The turn 2♥ is about as blank as you can get. This gives me the green light to continue, which I do to the tune of $75. I am trying to target the villain’s flush draws and pairs lower than AA, I don’t want to go so big that he folds out all the hands I beat and only calls with hands I am losing to.

The button again thinks for about 30 seconds and then decides on a call. The hesitation convinced me that we were certainly ahead and I could go for one more street of value on most river cards.

Flushed Down The River?

The river brings the worst possible card in the K♣︎. So not only does the flush get there but there is now another over card to our pair.

Since there is so much out there that beats me now I decide to check, and for a brief moment, I thought I might be good when the button checks back.

He Called With What?

I turn over my queens only to find out how wrong I was about the button’s hand when he turns over K♦5♦?!?!?!

That is not a typo, he actually called two streets of value needing to hit one for the three remaining kings OR he must have thought I was on a complete airball bluff and his king high was good.

How do you play against a player who either has no idea or doesn’t care if they are beat? I think I did a good job here going for value when I was ahead and shutting down when I felt I was beat, although my read was off since his hand selection was so off the rails.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.