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After a complaint was submitted to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control board about vloggers filming at a casino in Pennsylvania, the gaming control board has decided to crack down on using phones at poker tables in PA card rooms. 

Section 601a.5 (Electronic, electrical and mechanical devices prohibited) of the PA gaming law states:

A patron or other person acting in concert with a patron may not possess with the intent to use, or actually use, at any table game a calculator, computer or other electronic, electrical or mechanical device to assist in projecting an outcome at any table game or in keeping track of or analyzing the cards having been dealt, the changing probabilities of any table game or the playing strategies to be utilized.

Bring Back Video Recordings

Vlogging in no way influences the outcome of any poker hand, as most vloggers aren’t even looking at the phone while they are playing and recording (only their) hand. It is an excellent way to bring new players to the game and an excellent way to bring exposure to the poker rooms in Pennsylvania to a national audience.

How You Can Help

Please consider signing this petition that I plan to submit to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for clarification and guidance on poker vlogging in Pennsylvania.

Thank you,

Jason aka Poker Punx

You Can Help Us Save East Coast Poker Vlogging

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