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Thank you for taking the time to submit a hand to the Poker Punx Podcast. I will review all submissions and will respond to all submisions with my thoughts.

For hands selected to be featured on the podcast, I will send you a Poker Punx card protector as a thank you for bein on the podcast (limit one per household).

To submit your hand fill out the form below.

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Name and location of the casino or just location for home games
Game Size
For other, add the stakes in the Hand Details below.
Be as specific as possible. For example, Villain $400 effective, Hero is on the button with AsAh, middle position limps, Hero raises to $20, Villain in BB 3-bets to $75, MP folds, Hero calls. Flop is AcKc4d Villain bets $100 Hero all-in for $325, Villain tank calls and shows AdKd, Turn 8s, River 10d.