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Know Your Player Type – The OMC (Old Man Coffee)

As I discussed in my previous blog posts, we encounter many different types of characters at the poker table. Today I want to discuss the main player type who keep the poker room open during daylight hours, the OMC or Old Man Coffee and how to play exploitative poker aginst them.

The OMC is a subset of the Rec Player pool. OMCs tend to be retired folks who love the game but do not keep up with the current poker theory or trends. Many of them cut their teeth, or dentures, playing 7-card stud which was the main casino poker game before the Hold ‘em boom in the late 90s. 

Fun fact, did you know that as Hold ‘em took over from Stud in terms of the popular games in casinos it was Limit Hold ‘em that was the main game being played up until Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP main event. But I digress.

The main hallmark of an OMC, aside from the coffee and cardigan (it gets cold in those damn poker rooms), is their propensity to play any two cards for a limp to try and hit a hand. They are there to play not to watch, if they wanted to watch something they could stay home and watched the stories.

When you identify an OMC your main goal should be finding their pain point. What I mean by this is the point at which a pre flop raise is too much to call after a limp. We want them entering pots with their garbage and leaving a lot of dead money around for us to pick up. Therefore, by finding their max pre-flop limp call we can exploit them by maximizing out pre-flop bets against them and exploiting their tendency to call too wide. 

This does not mean to start raising with reckless abandon like an Alpha Male, but it does mean you can play slightly wider ranges profitably as they will be entering pots far too wide and missing a lot of the time. When they do miss they will almost always fold to a flop bet, unless they have a massive draw.

When we do find an OMC who calls a flop bet we find ourselves in a great position to maximize our thick value hands. We want to bleed them dry with the death from a thousand cuts theory. They are not calling large bets and raises without the nuts, but they will call three streets of small to medium sized bets with 2nd, 3rd or even 4th pair. This will allow you to value bet them to death if you keep your size reasonable, they are on a budget after all.

When you face resistance from an OMC, or god forbid a raise, be extremely cautious without the nuts. I can assure you it is almost always the nuts when an OMC puts money in the pot unprompted or puts down their coffee long enough to check-raise. This means, keep a keen eye on how they act to your bets, quick calls often indicate a thick value hand or nut draw

Keep your ego in check against an OMC as they will show up on the river with some wild hands, especially wild 2-pair combos or odd 1-line straights and flushes you didn’t expect. Checking back rivers with marginal hands is acceptable against an OMC as they will be polar in their range but not polar in much of their betting, if they bet out at all.

Also, ne keenly aware that an OMC is a very hard player to bluff off a hand. It doesn’t mean it is impossible to bluff them but they do tend to be sticky. This means bluff attempts should be kept to a minimum as they tend to be non0believing. This is why we can exploit them so liberally with our value hands.

With a keen eye and proper bet sizing and targeted aggression an OMC can become your favorite ATM.